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Spring-ing in to the new Season

It's the first Friday in March and spring just a couple of weeks away, but mainly means only one thing for the Harris household - chaos !!!

Season preparation is well under way but yet still so much left to be done before Chris's first meeting of 2023, which let me tell you can't come soon enough because he is like a bear with a sore a** when he isn't riding his bikes and starting to drive me crazy.

Whilst I write this blog the children are all at school, and Chris is outside painting the fence (whilst watching F1 qualifying) before the season officially starts and he has zero time to help with household maintenance - I will add I painted most of it already over half term with Chris's mum so he doesn't have too much left to do.

This morning we finally signed off the new Leicester Suit with logo placing at version 5, let's not talk about the rest just yet as they are still work in progress - this task has been ongoing for approximately 6 weeks and counting.

Also this week, the BSP contracts have been signed, Bantasia Grasstrack contract has been signed, pre-season forms for Leicester have been completed and a few signatures on other contracts which I can't talk about just yet. It feels never ending at the moment, and we still have loads to do and licence stuff to complete asap, not going to lie though the new licensing website isn't fun so I am putting this off as long as I possibly can.

You may have seen last weekend that we headed down south to Astra Grasstrack 'Night with the stars' presentation evening. We travelled in the van due to my iPace having a shattered windscreen, and had to come home after the event due to childcare, arriving back home just after 3am Sunday morning. The event was Black Tie and luckily we were able to get ready in Trish & Shaun's room rather than the back of the van (wouldn't be there first time we would have had to get ready in the back of a van, won't be the last lol). The evening started with a lovely 3 course meal. Chris doesn't drink, so I had a couple of Jack Daniels, ok maybe more than a couple

After the meal it was on to the Awards Presentation. Chris was called up to receive his award for being British Masters Champion. I always have this immense feeling of pride when Chris's name is being called out for an award, I can never put into words how it makes me feel. Chris collected his award and was surprised with a special trophy from his race team & engine tuner. The trophy is the actual Engine Chris won both British Masters Championships on (2021 & 2022) which sadly ended it's life when someone forgot to put oil in it at the European Final (not going name any names, but it wasn't Chris). The team and the tuner had the engine engraved, polished and mounted - it is now proudly placed on display in our lounge. Chris doesn't show much emotion, but I think he was overwhelmed with this one.

Chris has been spending a lot of time in the garage this week organising and moving things around ready for the season to start. This is the part of speedway he doesn't like, he just wants to turn up and race his bike. A long day and late night Wednesday, somehow ended up with his old school boy grass track bike making its way into our kitchen. Chris and the children think it's wonderful, I on the other hand am not sharing the same enthusiasm, but I'll give him his due he did put a mat down first. This bike is awaiting a full restoration - not sure when this will ever happen, but the bike is very important to Chris being the last bike his late father bought for him as well as all the memories made racing it. It can stay there for a few days whilst he's sorting his garage, and then it can be returned to it's rightful place.

This weekend will be a mix of family time, as well as season preparations with still lots on the task list to tick off, we'll get there but it won't be without a few sleepless nights and me wanting a very large glass of something alcoholic that's for sure.

Just two weeks and two days before Chris's first meeting of the 2023 season for Robbo's farewell (mothers day of all days lol), great for Chris that it's not long before he's back racing, not so great that he still has bikes to finish building and not much time left to do it ............

It's times like this when we wish we had a support network around us ............

Chris painting the fence

Mr & Mrs Harris (pic by Tracey Habgood)

Team Harris / Harvey

Chris with his awards & special trophy

The children love the bike in the kitchen

Cruz wishing he was big enough to ride it

Chris's school boy grass track bike, in the kitchen

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i just love reading your blog absolutely fantastic we don't see this side of speedway just the guys getting on and racing nice to see Chris put a dust sheet down 🤣 have a good week bomber household


Derek Misselbrook
Derek Misselbrook
Mar 04, 2023

Always interesting to read what you have been upto,let's hope Chris has a great season racing and winning...


Fantastic read as always ,

Good luck to you all for the forthcoming season x


I love the stories and hope many more

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