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Life in the fast lane

Wow, it's been a minute since my last blog. The Harris household has been super busy as you can imagine and we are literally living our lives in the fast lane.

It's friday which means the children are in school, i have the day off work and Chris has just left for Glasgow and the sun is shining so I thought i'd take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle to sit and write a new one ...

The last few weeks have been crazy busy - work at JLR is busy as ever, we have had school holidays and bank holidays galore, 2 family weekends away and a 24 hour visit to Cornwall for me and the kids to celebrate our nephew Jowan's 1st birthday, and with Chris's racing schedule in full swing - I am in full on juggling our crazy busy life in winging it mode, with the odd well deserved glass of fizz.

Since my last blog Chris has made his commentating debut on BSN which i have to be honest he was really nervous about, but ended up really enjoying it. I must admit, he wasn't as funny as when he is commentating at home, but that's to be expected as Chris has his 'speedway interview voice' separate to his normal voice - if any of you have ever noticed lol, but I actually enjoyed him commentating on BSN and i think he did a good job. One thing that shone through was his passion for the sport. He was honest with regards to tracks, the modern day rider and the sport in general and just said it how it is.

Chris has been in full swing race mode for Glasgow and Leicester - he's had some great races, including a brilliant last to first race win in true Harris style over Bewley and Blodorn at Belle Vue and a hard chase to pass Emil for a win at Ipswich to name a few, as well as starting his World Long Track 2023 campaign, he's been on the spanners and helping out young Ashton Boughen, and throw in a few podium 1st places at the Dalton Barracks Grasstrack and the European Grasstrack Championship SF1, it's going well so far.

Lets just take a minute to talk about trophies - you can't even begin to imagine how many Chris has, obviously they are all special, some more than others and some really unique ones but the one he won at Bielfield for the European Grasstrack a couple of weeks ago is nothing like anything else he has. It's a handmade one off which has it's own certificate of authenticity, i am not going to lie it's huge and weighs some, not sure how he held it above his head for the podium pics, but wow ! It's currently on display in our lounge, next to the engine trophy he recieved at the awards in February. (For those who may not have seen it, i'll pop a picture below).

It's common knowledge that Chris's decision to leave Berwick was due to the raceday, he wanted a club that wasn't a Saturday to give him weekends free for more grasstrack and longtrack, also to spend more time with the family. How's it going - well he's been racing most weekends - Sunday's at Glasgow due to rain-offs, Qualifiers, Long Track and Grass Track so as we thought it would really.

But, believe it or not though he has had 3 weekends off (when i say weekends though i mean Saturday's/Sunday's) which is already a huge win for us as a family, and let me tell you we have sure made the most of it!

The first weekend off was KCIII coronation, so we enjoyed a chilled weekend at home.

The second weekend off Chris was at Scunthorpe on the Friday night, but we got up early saturday morning and headed 3.5 hours down south to our holiday setup in Cornwall, where we enjoyed beautiful weather, our parents came to join us for the day, we had fun in the woodlands i.e streams, rope swings, walks, followed by a BBQ and the speedway gp on the big screen. Sunday morning we headed to the beach followed by some more woodland adventures before heading home. 2 days in Cornwall, it's a long way to go for 1 sleep i know, but worth it - absolutely, such special memories made.

The third weekend off was last weekend, Chris was at Edinburgh on the Friday night, he arrived home 3am Saturday morning and jumped in bed for a few hours and then we left at 6am for another 2 day adventure - this time in Great Yarmouth. We arrived at 9am and enjoyed 2 play parks, Mini Golf, Karting, Arcades & the Waterpark, the day was done and we chilled out watching the Speedway GP with a view of the beach, Sunday was full on with an early morning stroll and fun on the beach, another trip the Waterpark, Arcades and the little ones had a Build-A-Bear Disco, whilst Mia-Faye enjoyed The Jump activities. Such an amazing 2 days making more special memories, on the hottest weekend of the year.

Last night we headed to Leicester to watch Chris race - the kids were desperate to go and Cruz wanted to see his 2 favourite riders - Daddy obviously being No1, with Dan Bewley still standing firm as his No2 - It was beautiful weather and the lions had a well deserved win so a good evening all round.

A lot has been happening in the speedway world lately in the UK hasn't it - with rumours, riders in & riders out, i mean the know it all fans the other week alleged Chris was being sacked at Leicester as they had signed Laguta in his place, well we all know how that rumour ended, it just goes to show that you can't believe everything you read, unless it's an official announcement of course from the club and/or the rider involved....

A quick glance at the speedway star whilst i write this and Chris is still the top brit in the premiership averages, what a legend he is - i know i say it a lot, but we are all so proud of him.

It's another busy weekend where i will be single parenting, juggling dance show rehearsals with the girls and supporting Mia-Faye who is taking part in the Cancer Research Mud Run tomorrow, as Chris heads to Poland straight from Glasgow tonight for R2 of the World Long Track .....

Photos - Team Harris or as per Watermark

P1 - Dalton Barracks Grasstrack 500cc Solo Champion
P1 - European Championship SF1 - Bielfield
Team Harris celebrate after Chris crossed the finish line - Bielfield European Championship SF1
Enjoying the sunshine and woodland in Cornwall
Enjoying the beach at Great Yarmouth

Me & Chris - the big kids at the Beach, Great Yarmouth

Me & Chris - the big kids at the Beach, Great Yarmouth

Chris seeing if he can use the Defender to transport speedway bikes to Glasgow, maybe the 130 would fit them in lol

Cruz with his 2 favourite riders - Daddy & Dan Bewley

Daddy, Amara-Mae & Cruz before the meeting started at Leicester 15/06

That winning feeling - moments like these are everything

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3 commentaires

Such a WONDERFUL FAMILY LIFE YOU HAVE, 🥲🥲🥰😇 brought tears 😢 to my eyes you words, and how it come over for your man. Chris Harris a True Speedway RIDER! 1 in a Million keep up the good Work Harris Family xx


17 juin 2023

Great blog Emma, it is great to see the other side of a riders life


Derek Misselbrook
Derek Misselbrook
16 juin 2023

What some great photos, tell me ,if Chris was asked to do Cardiff GP this year would he do it ?

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