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For the Love of Speedway, or not ?

It's been quite a while since my last blog, one reason being that the Harris household has been super super busy, but secondly because in all honesty I lost a little bit of love for the sport.

As a speedway fan, I found it difficult to be a supporter. Whether it be the amount of team changes, the lack of regular meetings, the amount of clubs the sport is losing, or the rule book.

I attended my first meeting at Brandon at just 3 weeks new in 1981 and remained a bees fan throughout. With the closure of Brandon, I have since gained a little soft spot for the Panthers.

The showground is one of my favourite tracks to watch Chris do his thing, and as family we have made some lovely friends and some special memories, especially with Amara-Mae & Cruz (who sadly never got to experience Brandon) and now with the Panthers closing, it all just felt a bit disheartening.

Throw into the mix being married to Chris, where I've personally witnessed him being treated poorly, and I've had to pick up the pieces and deal with the aftermath of the situations - from the tears and tantrums of our children after their morning at the bike ramp was ruined by the phone calls from Leicester, to the difficult conversations trying to convince Chris not to hang up his boots just yet, to having to support his decision of bidding farewell to representing his country for GB Speedway Team.

Watching someone you love being so proud and passionate to represent their country and giving their all and so much more, to then see them make the decision to walk away, made it very hard for me and us as a family.

They say all good things come to an end, but he's still smashing it representing his country for Team GB in the Long Track and just 2 days ago captained the team to Bronze Medal in the Long Track of Nations 2023 with a 25+5 point haul, It all just adds to the emotional rollercoaster of being the wife of a professional sportsman.

But let me tell you, a couple of weeks ago, my love for the sport came back with a bang.

It started with Chris moving back to the panthers and showing not only what he brings to the track, but also what he brings to a team - the Bomber effect as some would say.

Then our son Cruz took to the shale for the first time at Beaumont Park with Chris adoringly watching on with immense pride as he had a practice (even though Cruz didn't want to practice, he wanted to race the big kids).

Followed by a night on the Perry Barr shale for Cruz in the 7.15pm demonstration laps, filmed and shared on YouTube by Clean Cut Sports.

My favourite of all, was witnessing Cruz riding on the panthers shale with a crowd of supporters who waited behind to cheer him on, and after a few demo laps, he thanked the fans like a true superstar with a bomber-esque stop and wave. I can't tell you how many times I've watched the video, or how many times it's bought a tear or two to my eye ....

Personally, I don't know what state the sport will be in circa 2036 when Cruz may want to follow in his dads footsteps, but you only have to look at the crowds in recent meetings, which proves the sport we love still has a huge potential to grow again in the UK, here's hoping ......

As I sit here finishing this blog, Chris's phone is ringing for the millionth time today 'there's always a deal to be done' in his words, I can't say too much right now - I'll save that for another blog ........

Bomber bids farewell to GB Speedway Team

Chris heading to a Bronze Medal for Team GB in the World Long Track

Chris back as a Panther

Cruz doing some demonstration laps at Perry Barr

Father & Son, look how proud Chris is ...

Mother & Son, I wasn't emotional honest ...

Cruz not afraid of the dirt

Cruz thanking the fans with his Bomber-esque stop & wave

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Chris is an incredible speedway rider. And clearly also a fantastic dad and family man. Kids are funny, meself and me wife we have two grown up daughters, and two grandchildren. Must be great for Cruz to watch and try to emulate his dad. It of course pales into insignificance compared to family life etc but from a supporter's perspective what Chris did this season has been incredible, words don't really cover it, Chris the inspirational captain of the Glasgow Tigers, I remember the good times and the not so good for Glasgow going back forty-odd years, the 2023 Tigers team will rightly go down as legends and none more so than Chris. I've said before, somebody buy tha…


I admire Chris very much. He’s a top rider who gives 110% everywhere he rides. Had the pleasure of getting a selfie with him earlier this year at Dalton Barracks. Would be awesome if he signed for Oxford Cheetahs next season 👍


David Lewis
David Lewis
Sep 27, 2023

hat a man 100% at any meeting there are few left like him unfortunately, whatever he decides good luck for the future


Excellent stuff Chris….hope your there at the farewell so I can come and shake your hand and say not farewell but THANKYOU…Harris to Harris 👍


Great blog Emma I’ve followed you all since the night you drove to pick him up from Poole hospital heaven knows when ! Been to pretty much all the tracks he’s ridden at inc Berwick .. I added night to a few days away my husband and I were having ! But I always miss seeing you ! One day one track I will go same time as you because without you and all the kids he wouldn’t be the complete rider and man he is!

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