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For the love of Friday

Wowza, what a few weeks that's been ...

I'll start with Robbo's farewell meeting at Redcar, Chris wasn't actually able to do this meeting as he was due to represent GB Speedway Team in Poland for the European Pairs Final, but after finding out on the internet he wasn't in the line up (that story will be for the book one day) he became available. My good friend Martin aka Chivsy Travel was straight on the phone to ask if Chris would take part, with the invite extended to Cruz to do some demonstration laps before the meeting, which of course Chris said yes on behalf of himself and Cruz. Robbo's farewell announced straight away that Chris & Cruz will be in attendance, which seemed to go down well the fans, and believe it or not a little bidding war started on Cruz's race bib which sold in the space of an hour for the maximum bid price, absolutely unbelievable - myself and Chris still can't take it in that somebody bid on a 3 year old's race jacket. Raceday arrived for Robbo's farewell and the boys were all loaded and ready to go, with Cruz super excited and off they went. Myself and the girls were unable to go unfortunately due to the girls having a dance festival and actually I was poorly, but I survived the long day at the festival with our girls who were amazing and Amara-Mae won a gold medal, with Mia-Faye winning a silver.

Throughout the day I was inundated with messages, videos and photos of Cruz - I was so emotional, especially hearing the stories of him walking through the crowd and stopping to have photos's with fans, he's such a little personality already and everyone seems to adore him, he's a little star - I know I know, I am biased ...

Overall the Harris boys had a great day, and they arrived home before myself and the girls had even made it back from the Dance Festival.

Sports Insure Premiership play-off time, and a text message came through from Simon Stead - we knew what it was about, Chris was wanted for the play-offs as a guest, I mean who doesn't, play-off Bomber is something else isn't he! Chris done a deal with Sheffield to race in both legs of the final, Ipswich away on the Monday and Sheffield at home on the Thursday, Ipswich decided to call off the Monday meeting due to a poor forecast, and run on the Tuesday knowing that Chris wouldn't be able to guest for Sheffield as he was in the play-off semi final for Glasgow against Oxford. I mean all that hoo haaa that premiership is only allowed to run on a Monday & Thursday, it did make us chuckle, but knowing Chris's play-off record, and his last meeting there I can see why Ipswich did it.

Ipswich rode a stormer and earned an 18 point lead in the first leg at home - most people convinced the witches had it in the bag, off Chris went to Sheffield on the Thursday telling me as he walked out the door '18 points is easy, we've got it in the bag - I'll see you when I get home with my winners medal' even though he was guesting, I knew he was up for it - his body language as he went out on parade said it all. I watched on from home, and he didn't disappoint, he rode his heart out as always, but I did have to close my eyes for Ht 13 though - eek! True to his word he came home with a winners medal. The day then arrived for Peterborough Panthers Farewell, we decided to leave early on the day to take it all in, we knew Cruz was doing some laps before the main event. We arrived into the show ground early to large queues already, we finally got through and made a few little stops on the way through to the pits to hand out flowers and fizz to all the lady volunteers at the showground as a thank you.

We were quickly told that Cruz would be doing laps straight after the parade 'from the tapes' - well Cruz was over the moon and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours asking 'Is it my time to race yet' - almost as annoying as the 'are we nearly there yet' conversation you get when travelling anywhere with kids.

We waited outside the pit gate ready for Cruz to be allowed in for his 'moment' as the gate staff quite rightly wouldn't let him in as 'only riders and mechanics' are allowed in to which Cruz replied 'I am a rider' I laughed so hard I cried.

So many fans turned out, the EoE showground was packed, the cars were still queueing back to the main road at the time of the rider parade. As the riders left the pits for their final parade where they were to be introduced to the fans via the grandstand steps, myself & Chris's manager Shaun walked Cruz out to start line for his 'race' (Cruz pushed his bike out to the centre green and then got Shaun to carry it the rest of the way lol) - we watched on as Chris was introduced to the packed grandstand, whilst Cruz was eagerly awaiting his moment. As Chris walked on to the track he looked over to where we were stood with this look of immense pride and the biggest grin on his face.

Parade lap was over and Chris raced over to Cruz ready for his big moment, the tapes were down and the start Marshall was in place and the green light came on and off he went like a pro, Cruz raced around to huge cheers from the grandstand along with the waving of the chequered flag. Cruz decided that one lap wasn't enough, and he refused to stop to the humour and cheers of the stadium, and came around for a second time to the rapturous applause, where he stopped and waved to the crowd. Cruz was so happy, and delighted to be presented with a medal along with his friends Charlie & Rory, before he rode back to the pits. I watched from the start line in absolute awe of our 3 year old son, in front of thousands of people he just took it all in his stride.

After a slight delay to the meeting, it finally got into full swing, Chris won his last ever race at the showground in Ht 18, and then the meeting sadly went on to end with NKI in an ambulance which was a very sombre way to finish.

The track was then filled with fans walking the shale for the last time and making their final memories. Chris stayed on the track to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans, whilst Cruz waited for the crowds to leave the track so he could do some more laps. Cruz became impatient and Chris had to put his bike on slow mode so he could go round and try not to run anyone over and our girls ran around the track with him, much to his dismay on his 2nd lap his bike stopped on turn 3 and he had to walk it over the finish line to Leon Flint waving the chequered flag and then asking Leon to fix his bike so he could go again. The crowds on the track dwindled eventually and Cruz rocked up at the start line and refused to move until dad switched it to 'fast mode' I actually filmed this moment, it was hilarious.

Finally at approx 11pm we managed to get Cruz off the track, me and the girls sat in the van whilst the boys got changed, of course Cruz wanted to get changed 'in the changing room where the riders go' rather than the back of the van, and then we drove out of the showground for the final time, with such mixed emotions but so many special memories.

No joke, this blog has taken me hours - I have been interrupted a million times by Chris to talk about deals, decisions, contracts - you name it - we've talked about it, and his phone has been absolutely mental with a few zoom meetings thrown in, but I will say that some good things have happened today and some signatures have been put to paper.

The crazy season started this year before this season actually ended which is a first, and the rollercoaster ride this year has stopped way quicker than any other year and way earlier. I can now relax and celebrate knowing that all the main contracts are signed for 2024 with some exciting new adventures to come for Chris.

As I sign this blog off ready to press 'publish' Chris is at the local store getting a bottle of fizz for me and a beer for himself for a little Friday evening celebration for today, and of course the league title with Glasgow ...

Sadly I can't tell you anymore, you are just going to have to watch this space. Plus I have lots more to blog about - my trip to Vojens, Championship play-offs and more ....

Cruz 'signing in' at Redcar

Cruz signing his race jacket

Father & Son

Cruz's race jacket winner

Sports Insure Premiership Champions 2023 - Sheffield Tigers

Flowers & Fizz for the volunteers at Peterborough

Cruz waiting for his special moment

Cruz waving to the crowd

Cruz walking his bike over the finish line to Leon waving the chequered flag

The Harris's final time at the EoE showground

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What a great blog must be so proud offf your lovely family, my daughter and family enjoyed that night and others especially our grandson Tai who has played with Cruz at the meetings and talking with you all. Looking forward to next season. xx


Ann Highton
Ann Highton
Oct 14, 2023

what a lovely blog and what a lovely family


Great read of your blog. Hope to see little Cruz at Bell Vue one day next season ♣️ with his dad.


What a beautifully written blog.

Firstly, congratulations to Amara-Mae and Mia-Faye. Its really hard to win medals in dance, there's so much competition. They must be amazing. (From a dad whose eldest daughter studied dance at university).

Then Cruz. What a little star he is. And seems to have inherited his dad's "ride my bike as much as I can" attitude.

And then Mrs Harris (Mum), the hardest worker in Team Harris no doubt ( sorry Chris).

Didn't want the blog to end. I laughed. I teared up. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Get writing that book together.

What a great 2023 Team Harris has had. Can't wait to find out which teams I'll be Cheering on in 2024.

P.s. sorry (not sorry)…


Thank you Emma - Louise, makes such a refreshing change to hear all this from another angle, should be done more often to get the wife's perspective which so many women can relate to, as they say 'behind every successful man is an even more successful woman". Obviously your very proud of your family and have every right to be, well done. P. S. Cruz is a little darling 💙

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