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Crazy Season

October is here and crazy season is well and truly in full swing in the Harris household.

The crazy season as I call it, the time of year when the phone rings non-stop with deals being discussed for the upcoming season, the time of year of pros and cons, the time of year some fans think they know everything, the time of year I dread.

I mean it’s great that Chris’s phone is ringing non-stop, he’s always buzzing that he’s in demand and he’s already super excited for the new season, even though this one hasn’t even finished yet! But the lists of pros and cons for countries vs tracks vs deals vs maybes as well as ifs/buts is all a bit much this time of year – it’s hard to be the one to support Chris in his decision making whilst trying to keep my emotions and what’s best for our family out of the equation. So right now, my job is to help Chris make the right decisions for him, not for us/our family – because no matter what is best for us/our family – ultimately Chris needs to race where he wants to race. I am a big believer in Chris signing for a club where he wants to race his bike over what is ‘best’. I’m not going to lie, it’s tough…

Currently we are playing the speedway pros and cons game, discussing deals, locations, tracks, impact on our family etc. It’s a crazy game, a roller coaster we ride together every year – but here’s the thing, the reason why it’s so crazy is because I already know where Chris wants to race, I can read him like a book. Chris generally signs approx. 3-4 contracts per season, and so far, he has only signed 1. Genuinely, not sure how much longer we will be on the rollercoaster this year, it’s been a few weeks so far and I am starting to feel a little coaster sick, so I am hoping Chris is ready to get off soon and tell me what I already know, so we can get the contracts signed and deal with the impact and emotions after.

I basically get to witness my own “worth the admission fee alone” feeling when Chris signs a contract - the happiness, the excitement, that look on his face when he signs and knows where he’s racing his bike next season is worth the rollercoaster ride and so much more.

Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later and end the rumour mill for another year - I mean according to social media, he’s signed for at least 7 clubs for 2023 if you were to believe everything you read ….

Chris signing his first contract for 2023

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11 Kommentare

Not forgetting the longtrack and grass track rides. It's great to watch Chris in full flight, whichever mode of racing. He is a credit to the sport.

Gefällt mir

Bomber gives 100% effort every single time, he is a legend of British speedway 👌🏻

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06. Okt. 2022

That is why you are great, you work together as a team. Chris has your 100% dedication & support behind him. This gives him strength which people don’t see behind the scenes. Continue the good work, stay & ride safe Chris x

Gefällt mir

Really enjoyed reading this. Good to get an insight, can’t wait for the next one!

Gefällt mir

Love reading this..good to have an insight to the other side of the coin..

Gefällt mir
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